International Law Firm

The International Law Firm Gardenal & Associati was founded by lawyer Maurizio Gardenal in 1990, today in professional partnership with lawyers Claudio Gardenal, Barbara Camatel and Christian Montana.
The Firm mainly focuses on the legal and economic issues affecting companies with offices in Italy and/or abroad in a context characterised by evolving market globalisation.
The Firm also provides assistance to individual and international customers in matters of family law, inheritance and civil law in general.
The Firm’s activities include collaborations with major institutions, such as the US Consulate in Milan, the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, various Confindustria offices [the Italian employers’ federation] including Assolombarda, the IIR (International Institute of Research) based in London, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, the NIBI (New International Business Institute) of Milan, the Unione Camere Lombarde, the ABA (American Bar Association), the IBA (International Bar Association), the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno and with the publisher il Sole24.
Also for the two-year period 2016-2017, Avv. Maurizio Gardenal, has been designated by UNIONCAMERE Lombardia as a member of the panel of experts on internationalisation in the field of international contracts and payments.
Over the years, the Firm has developed an extensive and consolidated network of relationships with trusted professionals in numerous countries, ensuring a level of efficiency that complies with the highest international standards.
The main languages used in professional practice are English, German and French.
The firm has two offices in Italy, one in Milan, in Largo Francesco Richini, the other in Conegliano (Treviso), a few tens of kilometres from Venice, as well as an office in New York.

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      Business areas

      Commercial law and contract law

      Consultancy and assistance in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts in national and international contexts.

      Advisory services and assistance in setting up and launching companies in Italy and abroad, in managing follow-up phases, in governance issues and in corporate restructuring operations. Advisory services and assistance regarding activities related to corporate mergers and business acquisitions in Italy and abroad.

      Advisory services and assistance concerning the protection of industrial and intellectual property in Italy and abroad, including on-site intervention at the offices of litigating parties. Consultancy and assistance in

      The management of subordinate, autonomous and parasubordinate employment relationships, also in disputes with reference to the Italian legal system and to various international legal frameworks.

      Assistance in judicial and arbitration litigation in matters of civil, corporate and commercial law both in Italy and before Authorities domiciled abroad.

      Advice and assistance with reference to on-line legal services in Italy and abroad, including on-site interventions.

      Advice and assistance in relation to common-law jurisdictions in the negotiation and drafting of financing contracts with banking and financial institutions abroad

      Advisory services on European Community legislation and assistance in proceedings before the European courts, including the European Court of human rights.

      Advice and assistance in the management of issues related to family relationships, including the protection of minors both in Italy and under various foreign jurisdictions

      Selling in the United States

      What are the primary measures to be implemented when selling products in the USA in order to prevent manufacturer liability risks? What are the essential precautions regarding contractual safeguards? Why do negotiations take a decisive role in relations with US operators? Why is the contract very often the only tool for governing relations between parties? What laws apply to sales transactions? Are Italian legal rulings recognised in the USA and vice versa? These and others are the themes which we have examined in our e-book “Selling in the United States”, albeit in a synthetic manner.

      Avv. Maurizio Gardenal Avv. Christian Montana

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      The recovery of international receivables

      Autors: Gardenal Maurizio, Montana Christian
      Editore: Ipsoa
      Year: 2010
      Pages: XVI-304

      Stipulating a contract with a foreign counterpart may give rise to doubts and problems more complex and articulated than those generated by contractual relationships with national parties.

      The context in which a transaction with foreign countries is developed is, in fact, characterised by the diversity of legal systems, by the diversity of norms, customs, meaning attributed to terms of common use that suggest a careful screening of the various contractual clauses in order to determine the most suitable options.

      Factors such as currency, finance, credit, logistics and commercial issues, customs and habits, the choice of delivery terms, the forms of payment in use in individual countries, all these can, indeed, significantly affect the nature and content of a contractual relationship.

      The book deals with regulations affecting Italian operators involved in collecting receivables from foreign market territories.
      We examine the regulatory framework in force in the European Union, Italian rules of private and procedural international law and the main provisions of uniform law relating to the sale of movable property under the Vienna Convention.

      We then analyse the provisions that apply in some of the major countries, namely the US, China, Brazil, India, Turkey and Russia.